Agile Tour Bangkok 2016

28 - 29 October 2016

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David Hussman


Title: Products over Progress

Imagine replacing the three questions with a discussion of product discoveries. Or, imagine a sprint demo that is not about work completed but product validation and customer learning. In this talk, we are going to move past basic discussions about Scrum and Scrum teams. We are going to explore from a product perspective, investigating ideas like how team structures map to product discovery and product learning. We will use three models for exploration, starting with the simplest model of one team and one product. From there, we will explore the more complex models of one product and many teams or many products (as in a configurable system) and many teams. We will examine how establishing a product discovery cadence can help build less of the wrong thing by doing some validation “outside the code”. During the talk, you will be challenged to think about how well your teams are organized to produce and learn about your product, your system, your market, your users and consumers. You will be challenged to examine if you have gone past getting work done and into taking your customers on journeys they might not have yet imagined. You will be asked to map your product to team(s), possibly make the shift from Scrum as your primary focus to Scrum as a vehicle for accelerated product learning.


17 Topics from Speakers Around The World

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28 October 2016

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29 October 2016

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  • Agile / Lean Product Discovery and Design

    This workshop immerses the students in the ideas of practices of Product Discovery, drawing on well tested practices from various agile methods, lean UX and 21st century product mgmt. Students will select a product idea to explore and use it for to learn lean product discovery and continuous product learning. Topics covered in the course will include:

    • - Introduction to Lean UX and Agile Product Discovery
    • - Product Readiness: Mapping Teams to Product
    • - Early Discovery
    • - Collaborative Framing / Opportunity Mapping
    • - Customer Discovery: Personas, Interviews and More
    • - Story Mapping / Story Splitting
    • - Customer Journeys / Product Slices
    • - Validation Measures: OKR, KPI, Story Tests and more
    • - Continuous Discovery
    • - Establishing a Product Discovery Cadence
    • - Product Discovery as a Lean Product Delivery Tool
    • - Blending Product Discovery and Product Delivery

    The workshop is hands on learning and will be helpful to Scrum Master, Product Owners, Product Managers, Team Leads and anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit who wants to learn how to think and learn in product using agile methods as accelerated validation vehicles.

    Instructor: David Hussman

    Date: 27-28 October 2016

    Price: THB 35,500(Conference Attende)/THB 37,000(Non Conference Attende)

    Co-Organized By: Lean In Consulting

  • Facilitating with Visuals

    A visual is worth a thousand words" is an English idiom. It refers to the notion that a complex idea can be conveyed with just a single still image or that an image of a subject conveys its meaning or essence more effectively than a description does.

    Instructor: Jerry Rajamoney

    Date: 30 October 2016 (half day)

    Price: Low Cost (TBD)

    Co-Organized By: Pronto Marketing

  • Management 3.0

    More than 100 management coaches around the world are now facilitating the future of management through these two-day, hands-on workshops that offer games, tools and best practices that project managers, team leaders, middle management and C-level execs can take back and use immediately to start increasing employee engagement and instigating change management today.

    Instructor: Alex Cuva

    Date: 31 October - 1 November 2016

    Price: THB 30,000(Conference Attende)/THB 32,000(Non Conference Attende)

    Co-Organized By: Lean In Consulting and Management 3.0

  • 3Ts (Tools, Tips and Techniques) to Improve your Iteration

    Agile coach or ScrumMaster is change agent who lead the people from traditional software development process to an Agile for software development need to have a toolbox that contains 3Ts (Tools, Tips and Techniques). You can collect 3Ts from many ways; conference, training class, reading, video or etc but finally you will create your own 3Ts from hands-on experience. In one day workshop of 3Ts (Tools, Tips and Techniques) to Improve your Iteration/Sprint, you will can collect 3Ts from the hands-on experience of Mr. Prathan (Noom) Dansakulcharoenkit, the Alfred Pennyworth and Agile Coach from Siam Chamnankit Co., Ltd. More..

    Instructor: Mr. Prathan (Noom) Dansakulcharoenkit

    Date: 2 November 2016

    Price: Free

    Co-Organized By: Siam Chamnankij

  • Improving Scrum with Kaizen

    Learn how to improve your Scrum team beyond the typical Sprint Retrospective by understanding Lean/TPS principles and applying its practices.

    Instructor: Kiro Harada

    Date: 3 November 2016

    Price: THB 15,000(Conference Attende)/THB 17,000(Non Conference Attende)

    Co-Organized By: Siam Chamnankij


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