David Hussman

Topic : Products over Progress

Imagine replacing the three questions with a discussion of product discoveries. Or, imagine a sprint demo that is not about work completed but product validation and customer learning. In this talk, we are going to move past basic discussions about Scrum and Scrum teams. We are going to explore from a product perspective, investigating ideas like how team structures map to product discovery and product learning. We will use three models for exploration, starting with the simplest model of one team and one product. From there, we will explore the more complex models of one product and many teams or many products (as in a configurable system) and many teams. We will examine how establishing a product discovery cadence can help build less of the wrong thing by doing some validation “outside the code”. During the talk, you will be challenged to think about how well your teams are organized to produce and learn about your product, your system, your market, your users and consumers. You will be challenged to examine if you have gone past getting work done and into taking your customers on journeys they might not have yet imagined. You will be asked to map your product to team(s), possibly make the shift from Scrum as your primary focus to Scrum as a vehicle for accelerated product learning.