Salahuddin Chalermthai and Pete Chemsripong

Salahuddin is a Senior Software Engineer and Agile coach at ThoughtWorks Singapore with more than 10 years of experience designing and creating full stack softwares. Pete serves ThoughtWorks Sydney as Senior User Experience Designer with 7 years of experience in the conception and delivery of a great UX. Pete is passionate about every part of the project's lifecycle.

Topic : Bangkok Talent Crisis: Finding and grooming tech talent.

One of the main challenges in Agile teams is finding the right people. Your team members will make or break your team.

  • - Finding talent. How successful tech companies approach this problem.
  • - Growing talent. To keep good people, you need to help them grow. Find out how some of the tech leaders go about growing talent.
  • - Lastly - how do you make yourself discoverable and develop the right skills?

Good for : Early Adopter, Management/Enterprise, Startup/Entrepreneur