Pimjai Wesnarat and Wimlak Jantrasut

Pimjai was a developer, a project leader, and a scrum master. She is now a Project Manager. She works to support Agile teams and act as a change agent to help the organization on its Agile journey. Wimlak is currently a Project Manager at DST. An Agile PM is also an Agile Coach - for her, team's mindset and knowledge are keys for success. Also, don’t forget to challenge existing processes.

Topic : Enterprise Agile Journey with DST

Founded in 1969, DST started with Mainframe COBOL applications. The company now serves many of the top 100 financial services companies in the US. We have locations in USA, Canada, Thailand, India, Australia, and over 10,000 employees worldwide. DST has various kinds of applications and legacy code, and has transitioned from Waterfall to Agile. How did we make the journey?

Good for : Management/Enterprise, Startup/Entrepreneur