Suwitcha Sugthana

An Agile Practitioner, currently working as a Growth Hacker at Kaidee. My role now is moving towards forming business strategy and marketing rather than technical development. But with that comes opportunities to apply what I learn from Agile to other area. I am also a Lecturer at Mahidol university international college, teaching CS senior students about software development using Agile

Topic : Agile Without a Name

Agile, UX , Design Sprint, Prince2, SAFe, LeSS, CMMI and so on. What are the common? They want something to change. But they do not want to change. Then How? Sell it without a name. Focus on 2 things

  • - Top down: People can't change if the way they are measured has not
  • - Individual level: Ranging from Willing and Able to Not Willing and Not Able. Each of the 4 groups required different strategy

Good for : Early Adopter, Management/Enterprise